Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our new winter range....

Have spent since last November working on our winter range for Ecobubs. It has been a lot easier this time around.... knowing the suppliers..... the patterns etc - all helps to make a smooth bump free road. All of our clothing is made around the Wellington area. We have 7+ contract sewers now, which makes for a bit of a logistical nightmare sometimes.

As much as it is 'work' i really love designing our clothing and choosing the notions etc......

Here are a few wee photos of what has taken up my time. You can view our whole range at:

Some little knickers

The idea was blatantly snaffled from Lou - but they looked like such fun!!!!

These were a little tight on my wee lass's chubby thighs... so passed them onto a friend of mine.

Have gone one to make some for myself - and they are definate winners!

A little gift

I made this wee vest from a pattern a friend passed on. I modified the neck a little as it said only to do two rows. This didn't look like enough... so did about 8+ rows instead.

It is made with 8ply Moda Vera bamboo cotton.

I sent this to Jess, who had a bootyful wee boy called Mikko. Here he is modelling it... Isn't he just sooo cute!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The next project

I have cord and minkee....... watch this space!

Some widdle nappies

Made these to add to the new stash.

they are sooo tiny!!!!

The little cardy.... Its a bear!!!!!

Have just started on a NB cardy, made with Utiku, Orchard. It was knitting up like a chinese flag...... but in the end it looks like a teddy bear...... Now, do i embroider a face onto it, or leave it?


Sunday, February 17, 2008

A dress for my princess

I made this dress out of quilting fabric, which was on special.

It is an under dress and pinnfore.

A little hoody.

This is a 6-12mth size hoody, in 'utiku Amber 8ply'

I managed to knit quite a bit of it in the car, driving to and from New Playmouth.

A little blue outfit

I made this out of Utiku 'Ocean' 8ply.

It is for my best friend up in New Plymouth. She is due on the 24th of march.

My first homemade hammock

I made this Hammock last night, it is for a friend that is due with her second baby at the start of March.

My friend Esther shared her pattern with me.

All these babies

So many of my friends are having babies at the moment. Here are a few things that i have made this year.

It's about time for a blog!

Hey ya!

Welcome to my blog, where I show off all the little bits and bobs that i make in my spare time.

Lets hope i can keep it up!