Saturday, July 26, 2008

The finished hand warmers.

Not really my fave pattern OR yarn... BUT they are done...... Now on to ones done on DPNs - i hate sewing up, as i suck at it!

Sooooo purrrddddyyy

Looky at this! YUM! My hands are still pink..... 24 hours later.

This is 12ply that i purchased at last years Knitworld sale. It is for a few projects... including my TNN yarn swap.

Had a lot of fun. I used Wilton cake dyes from a woman on Trade me. Was a great deal.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Something new!

So.... It is Dad's birthday on August the 1st, and the poor man ALWAYS gets forgotten about by me cause his birthday is next month . It creeps up real quick.

So, this year i am prepared! Dad plays a lot of croquet all year round, so i thought that a pair of fingerless gloves for the colder months would come in handy.

I found a nice and easy pattern knitted on flats when i was in Nancy's embroidery the other day. I also grabbed some Noro, 100% wool.

I also purchased some more Knitpick DPNs - and used them for this.... just cause they are sooo nice. Here are some progress shots.... i have actually finished them - but need to photograph them. It's a great pattern as you can do a glove in an evening! my kind of knitting, lol.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wedding plans!

Well..... FINALLY! I have booked our venue.

Mike and I are getting married at 'The Gear Homestead', which is out the back of Porirua.

We have chosen this beautiful place, as back in my cheffing days it was my favourite place to work when doing weddings.

It is owned by the Porirua City Council so is available to the public. YAY!

So...... 22 Feb, here we come!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pukekura park

A few weeks back, Poppy and I went up to New Plymouth to stay with my best friend Heidi. She and her partner Scott had a wee babe called Thomas in March.

On one of the days we went to Pukekura park. It is a really beautiful place, I have fond memories of visiting the 'Lights in the park' during summer when i used to live there.

Heidi took this beautiful photo of Poppy and i feeding the ducks, and spying on the ENORMOUS eel that was swimming below the surface!!! EEEKKK

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A mini stash

Well, after Esther giving me the wonderful cuts of PUL a few weeks back... i just HAD to get more to make a full set for the *bump*. There is enough here for 44 nappies..... Will make Poppy some matchings ones too.

Isn't it pretty!!!! you can buy this from Megan at Little buttons.

The next new project

Well..... i can't really say what this will be.... as it is for a swap..... BUT i just had to tell you about this FANTASTIC wool! I was given it a few months ago in a secret santa. I am in LOVE!

I feel terrible using it in another swap, but i love it sooo much that i will be replacing it and using the same type to make my first pair of fingerless gloves... the project that will happen after this.

The wool is 'Freedom spirit, by Twilleys'... 100% wool. YUMMO!

The wee dress - Update!

Last night i finished all that I can do on the wee dress......

I need to pop over to the very creative Christine's so she can teach me how to picot crochet the bottom of the moss part. I have done a foundation row and am all set.

Am also wanting to know if i can Kitchener the left top shoulder.... At this point i haven't looked into *how* to Kitchener the 8 stitches of moss stitch that are in the row to be joined.

I have found this REALLY enjoyable to knit... and once i have finished and blocked it, i will show you where i got the inspiration from. This dress will fit *bump* when she is about 3months old... so am thinking i want to make another in NB size.

The least enjoyable part was picking up the 180 stitches for the rose under frill.... I think i will have to see if there is a crochet attachment for my Denise interchangeables - as it was a very drawn out process of picking the stitches up with my crochet hook then threading them with a darning needle and waste yarn. THEN sliding them onto my Denises. It would have been WAY faster to have a crochet attachment to the circulars.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We had a photoshoot.

A couple of weeks ago, Poppy and i went up to Auckland and had a product photoshoot for Ecobubs.

Here are a couple of Poppy... Miss 22.5mths. She hardly stood still, i am surprised that Benita even got these ones!

The great stash tidying project

So..... I started knitting about a year ago..... and in that time i have created a rather large stash of yarn.... TERRIBLE!

So the other day i pulled all the yarn out from between the couch and the coffee table, and found lots of things that i had forgotten about. Mike poppd out to Mitre10 Mega and bought me some containers. It is all now in order.... YAY!!!