Wednesday, May 28, 2008

20 weeks today!

WOW - that has gone sooooo fast!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A little dressing gown

Since the weather has got a little colder, i have been looking in the shops for a cute wee dressing gown for Poppy. There were a few but they were between $30-40 which i didn't want to pay for a simple gown.

When i was in Spotlight i found this beautiful fleece... it just screamed at me to make it into a little dressing gown..... And Poppy loves it! I made the pattern up as i went..... and it worked PHEW!

Wool wool woooooool

I had a wee play with dying some wool.

I wanted to do a play on 'teal', but it didn't really turn out like that.....

Not sure what i will make with it - but i think it will make a nice winter cardy for Poppy or bump.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

How to Saturday - Binding a neck... Tee style.

Cut a strip of fabric on the bias (diagonally) about 3-4cm wide.

Fold it over widthways. and match the edges up with the right side of the neck edge.

Over lock edges together - taking no fabric off (no seam allowance apart from the stitching)
Stretch the binding slightly to give the sewing some stretch when it's a garment.

This is what it should look like.

Fold the overlocking away from the binding and top stitch (while slightly stretching the fabric) or coverstitch.

One finished envelope top.

More little tops

Just a few more wee tops for Miss Poppy. I had a wee play with screen printing. I went to the library and found a book on birds.. copied a wee Wax eye and made it into a stencil.

For the little dribbler

I have a friend who has a wee boy, who is teething and dribbling like mad! So i made him some cute wee bibs.

I bought the heavy cotton from 'The Cotton Store' and have sandwiched it with a thirsty cotton fleece and a waterproof aqua PUL back.

I think she will love these!

An Edmonds afternoon

After having a lazy day yesterday, i thought i better get off my chuff and make a few wee treats for the pantry.

So i pulled out the trusty old Edmonds cookbook and started to decide.

First i made a date loaf, no pics of this one, it went up to Otaki for Mum, for mother's day.

Then i made Afghans and Ginger crunch, both are a hit in this household.

And here is how they turned out:

After making those, i made some mousetraps, which were all eaten this morning, Poppy loved them, as did I!

Just like Madder & Rouge

Poppy and I had a girly day on Thursday. Our first stop was Cafe Laffare' for brunch. Next door there is a wonderful wee shop called 'Madder & Rouge' , I had peered into there a few times, but it was never open when i was passing... But it was on Thursday.

They had some wonderful french striped fabrics... But at $180 p/m were a little pricey for me, and they didn't sell offcuts. So, i had a wonderful look round their wee store and something caught my eye...... They were selling toddler aprons in denim with appliqued designs on the front in their funky fabrics.

I just HAD to give this a go.... and with many birthday presents needed these days, it has already got a home to go to!

I sewed the applique on about 5mm from the edge. It will fray, but that is the look I was trying to get.