Monday, April 28, 2008

The funky carrots!

Instead of growing borrring orange carrots this year - i decided to grow a rainbow! There is red/purple, coral and yellow. We had our first meal of them last night and they were great!
Now - I just need to convince the inlaws that rainbow carrots are more fun than orange.......

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Longies for Poppy.....

Started these at the start of the month.... am still getting there slowly.... i can see WHY Gabe's fave size is NB! lol.

They are knitted in Utiku Tropicana (Lime, Grape etc) 8ply, with a cream Tekapo top. Unfortunately The Wool Co are not making Tropicana anymore :-(

A Roman blind!

When we moved into our house in November, it had been done up to sell. Lots of crap finishings and the most budget curtains. So.... we were going to pay someone to make roman blinds for the whole house... but then in a late night decision last night, i decided to give it a go.

So here we go.......

Am looking forward to tackling the other bedrooms now!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Some winter tops

Just whizzed these up this afternoon for Poppy, really like how quick sewing is compared to knitting.
It's times like these that i love my coverstitch!

I made this too - but its too small - grrrrr.... Ahhh well will have to gift it on to someone with a smaller girl than mine. Outer is a thick poly velour and the inner is minky.

The bright BRIGHT longies!

<- front

Back ->

These are the second pair of longies i have made 'in the round'. It definately has its advantages seeing as you don't have to sew anything together at the end (my most dreaded part!).

When i had finished them the colour to me was just too bright.... We also do not know what flavour we are having (due October) so i wanted to keep them neutral.

So i had a play around with some cake dyes.....

I did a strand test with some 'Witon teal' an LOVED it!

The wee dye test!

When i was up visiting Rochelle - we went through and did a stock take... whilst pulling all the boxes apart and counting i came across a wee cream hoody which needed pimping!

I forgot to take before photos - but it was just plain cream. I knew who it was going to but i had to wait till the baby was born to see if it was a girl or boy.....

So here it is:

Last time is was in Auckland, Rochelle and i went and had a look in Ponsonby, i went into Milly's (here is the link right to buy the dyes AND you can buy them online)and found some cheap wilton cake dyes.... only $4.95 each! - as that is the cheapest by FAR that i had found them anywhere, i stocked up. I used 'christmas red' for the above colour - but didn't use enough to make it red (i really did want a vibrant pink instead). I 'dip dyed' the bottom, then after about half an hour i plopped the hood and sleeves into the dye too to give it a mottled look. Was a lot of fun!

And here is the beautiful miss wearing it! isn't she just scrummy!!!???!!!