Thursday, June 26, 2008

The little green dress.

This is my current WIP. I sent the cream cardy off to Mum's - after mucking up the front and having to redo the back (pattern was very small) i had lost ALL motivation for it..... my knitting mojo had gone..... i needed something exciting to get me going again.

While Gabes was up we went out wool shopping. I purchased some moss green and soft rose pink wool to make up a stunnng wee dress.

Here are some progress shots. I have nearly finished the back of the pinnafore...

After that - i need to pick up the 140 stitches at the bottom to make a frill..... then i have to pick up stitches under that to make an under frill in the rose pink.... Wish me luck!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some more wee nappies for the bump.

Well, have nearly finished the NB fitteds..... i *think* that i am up to just under 30...... Here are a few.

These are shar's NB fitted, very similar to the Rosie's fitted that i LOVED so much with Poppy.

Check out how TINY these are! Talk about C.U.T.E!!!!!

Today, i started on the *size small* stash..... these beautiful nappies are made to Esther's hip snap pattern. She was very generous and gave me a few cuts of her new print poly PUL. I will have to repay her for her generosity.

A lovely surprise!

Last weekend i had Gabes & her youngest Mihi come and stay (sweet p knits). We had a really lovely time... trawling the craft stores... shopping and chilling out.

The day after she left, there was a knock at the door.... A wonderful box of treats for us, as a thank you for having her. Awwww - was blown away.

You are VERY naughty Gabes! (but it was very enjoyed!)